In Light of COVID-19, Things to Consider if Postponing Your Wedding Becomes Necessary

With the current environment related to COVID-19, there are many uncertainties on the horizon as peak wedding season approaches.  As can be imagined, with so many unanswered questions at this point, it is hard to imagine the stress level on what is supposed to be such a joyful and happy occasion. 

So what are some things for a bride to consider within this current situation?  

Health and safety can provide guidance to top priorities, the biggest one being considering those who are most vulnerable.  After determining this, consider the role they play in the wedding Perhaps it is possible to have a smaller ceremony, and then postpone your reception to a time further out so that vulnerable ones, especially if they are traveling, can attend.  But if some of those same family members are in your ceremony, then delaying the ceremony and reception would be a way to keep everyone protected.

Of course, adjusting all of these arrangements is no easy task on finances or on mental health.  But there are some things that can be done. When rescheduling your wedding, work with your venue contact.  Give them a specific time frame, for instance, say that you want to rebook within six months. They are more likely to work with you this way.  With as many vendors as possible, pay them by credit card if possible. This way, if there is a dispute, The Fair Credit Billing Act and your credit card company can offer you some protection if your deposit is lost in certain situations.  Another thing to consider is the minimum guest count in your vendor contract. I have always recommended that if couples are not certain, to make the count as low as you can. This way you can protect against having to pay for guests who are not able to attend.

For the day of the wedding, there are safety measures that can be taken.  Travel size hand sanitizer could be placed on each guests seat, wearing gloves when dancing is another, and guests could avoid kissing the bride and groom.  This is not an all inclusive list, but attention to safety detail can go a long way.

When considering traveling for the honeymoon, delaying traveling may help.  On the bright side, it would allow the couple to save money, as well as finding some time to relax, not feeling so rushed in having to travel immediately after the wedding.

Finally, do not underestimate the impact of the metal stress of the situation as a wedding is a life changing event.  Regular communication with empathic friends and family members will prevent the feeling of being alone and overwhelmed.  Be in contact with your vendors on a regular basis to keep apprised of their situation and yours. Taking care of yourself, staying safe, getting enough rest, and exercising can make a positive impact on your mental state.  Should you consider getting professional counseling, inquire with your human resources department at work. Some employees offer Employee Assistance Programs which can offer in some cases, a free consultation with a counselor.  

Of course, it goes without saying, taking deep breaths, and looking out for your health and the health of your loved ones will bring you closer, day by day, to your big day.  

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